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19R159J - Learn to Sculpt Faces with Polymer Clay
June 8-9, 2019
Saturday-Sunday, 9am-4 pm
Maureen Carlson

19R159J - Learn to Sculpt Faces with Polymer Clay

19R159J - Learn to Sculpt Faces with Polymer Clay19R159J - Learn to Sculpt Faces with Polymer Clay19R159J - Learn to Sculpt Faces with Polymer Clay

Honoring the Elders

This class is about sculpting faces, but it includes more than just the basic steps for creating a face. This class will also be about family stories and the ancestors, both real and imagined, the elders. Who are your elders? How might you represent them? What are their stories?

Every face contains a story that is written in the features, lines, and expressions of that face. Questions to ask are: Where do those individual features come from? Can they be traced back to part of that character’s lineage? What experience made those lines? What emotion is expressed?

Each student will choose an intention for the face they will create. That intention will be the focus of the sculpture. What will yours say?

While we will not be creating exact replicas or portraits of any real people, we will be incorporating the essence of each story into the faces we create. An important part of this is the memorabilia you will choose to attach to each sculpture. What will you bring along with you? Or what might you find in the woods or shops that are so bountiful in Mineral Point?

Come ready to remember, to explore, and to create!

Level: Intermediate and above

Student Supply List:

Students should bring:
- Images of wisdom faces/ancestor faces that inspire them
- Miscellaneous memorabilia/ephemera that students wish to attach to their wisdom faces
- Driftwood or found wood, if you wish to create your wisdom face on a piece of wood. The size should be no longer than 10” long by 4” wide by 7” high as we will need to cure pieces in a shared oven. BEFORE CLASS: Please cure wood in a preheated 280-degree F oven for 40 minutes prior to bringing to class. To do so, wrap wood loosely in several layers of foil and place on a baking sheet, then place in oven for given time. The reason for this is that some wood includes a lot of pitch that will seep out when the piece is baked. It is best to know this ahead of time as the pitch does change the color of the wood.
- Aluminum foil, regular weight, one package

- Knitting needles in several sizes, varying in size from small to large
- Sharp blade such as a paring knife
- Paint brushes in several sizes, from size 1 to 6
- If you have favorite sculpting tools, bring them along. Maureen will provide some tools for group use.

Tuition $240
Materials Fee
$15-$20 for polymer clay (payable to instructor at class time)

Meet the Instructor: Maureen Carlson

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